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about me ~

I am a proud mama of 3 amazing young adults, I worked in the music & film industries for 21 years, and found yoga and cooking to be my grounding, creative outlets.   


I've turned my outlets into my business because I LOVE to nurture and care for people.  After getting certified as a yoga instructor in 2014, and then a birth/postpartum doula in 2021 it made even more sense to meld all of my passions and skills into my brand ~ so I can serve new mamas, yogis, families, hungry folks who don't have time to cook but want clean, healthy meals, yoga, meditation, reiki, etc.  I can also teach you how to detoxify your home and body using essential oils and supplements.


As a creative, I understand and can cater to your individual needs....whatever that looks like.  


I am here to serve.


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