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Tanya & Christian Iacobellis, CA

"Tamlyn originally came to us as part of a team of Doulas we had chosen to use for our birth. We didn't meet her until after the birth of our 1st baby, but it was an instant connection. Her empathy & sincere love for what she does was immediately apparent to us. She made us & most importantly our newborn feel cared for. She would make home cooked meals for us, which might I add are of gourmet caliber! She even washed our dishes, shopped for us, and brought medicine when our baby got Covid. She treated us like family & our newborn like her own. She helped us gain our confidence as brand new parents & always supported us in any way we needed. We just learned yesterday that baby #2 is on the way in late March. Who was the 1st person we called, TAMLYN!?! - not only to share & celebrate the amazing news, but to also ask her if she would be our Doula from start to finish for round 2. We were delighted she said yes! I can't put into words how much we value, appreciate & Love Tamlyn. We are so Blessed to have had her come into our families lives. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts." 


Love, Tanya, Savannah, Teddy & Christian


Victor & Taylor Pena, Northridge CA

In our time together, Tamlyn showed excellent care, encouragement, wisdom, and patience with us new parents. She was always willing to discuss any questions we brought to her as well as, was always up for the task of helping with any chores that could use attention. The interest and consideration she showed our family was always heavily felt. Tamlyn took on the role of helping us launch our journey as a family with a baby with excitement, passion, encouragement, advice, and with a smile Victor & Taylor Pena

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